Saturday, 16 November 2013

SO ON FIRE!!! Catching Fire Premiere in London!

How the heck did I get to see SOMETHING?! All of the stars!

SOOOOOO I don't even know how and where to start. I think I might will Vlog this because honestly even though the footage sucks I do think the best way to share this crazy experience is to show it all live! I promise I will edit it on the weekend...haha until then enjoy some sucky iphone-video-screenshots:...sorry I filmed most of the time instead of taking pictures that's why they're so shaky
So how did I get in? I know people have been camping outside but to be honest going there has almost been a spur of the moment decision. I knew the premiere was going to be at Leicester Square on Monday 11.11.13 (HA! whether you're british or american!) which is just 20 minutes away from my home so I eventually decided to follow my Hunger Games crazy friend, who in fact arrived earlier. After work I got rid of my uniform and put on some comfortable clothes and went off...not excited AT ALL. Because when I arrived I saw what I expected...
Black Walls ALL AROUND the red carpet, you didn't even get a little peek inside. Only a few with VIP tickets for hundreds of £ would have gotten in there and as much as I loved the Hunger Games...I didn't regret ordering one of these. 
However, out of sudden hundreds of people started to pile up in front of a gate and because of the black walls you hardly could see fact NOTHING! They let a few in and I was sooooo close to get in there, already in panic in case this was the queue for some more VIP tickets because I really didn't even have £1 with me! but then they closed it again, leaving hundreds of fans outside.
Most of them eventually left to the place where you could at least get a peak from FAR FAR FAR away! Which I did too but since I was too short to see properly I got slightly moody.
And for some reason I really had the feeling something was going to happen soon so I went back to the gate and saw some people talking to the security! and then the magic words!!! "10 more! that's it!!!" 
I swear when I entered I had no clue what was going to happen! I did start shaking! I honestly thought I would get a little bit CLOSER to the red carpet but then bright lights...

Red. Yup. I looked down and I was standing on that freaking thing! Of course I walked up to the place where fans are supposed to stand but never in my life I would've thought I would get THAT close to all of this!

So the first person that walked in was ...Willow Shields (Primrose Everdeen), but people hardly paid attention, to be honest I didn't noticed her because my eyes were wandering to the next person.
Josh Hutcherson! YUP OMG. He is the most adorable little person ever! and of course the crowd went wild, including the press! And since I was standing right behind him I got all the flashlights...yeah now I know why people feel so unbelievable uncomfortable on that carpet! they're basically attacking you with their cameras!
After a while Sam Claflin and his wife arrived and now while I wasn't too fond of the casting's choice for finnick at first i NOW AM! Most beautiful man I've ever seen and I do not only mean from the outside! After he took all the pictures, danced on the carpet and had the cutest moments with his wife (he lift her up and just started running!) he came back to us to "chat" and give some autographs. And GUESS WHAT! After stalking some of his pictures on tumblr... I really suspected nothing!...I saw myself and my friend in the background! yeah crazy fangirl moment here!

After a while Liam Hemsworth came in. And wow the eyes. I swear before he actually approached you could see his blue blue blue BLUUUUUUUE eyes from far away! never been such a big fan of blue eyes but they were beautiful! also he seems to be a very kind person who takes his time for the fans! There was a stupid press woman who blocked the view with her umbrella but he just walked past her and gave us a lovely wave and a huge smile!
And then of course Jennifer Lawrence. To be honest the hype around her annoyed the heck out of me, and still does. But nontheless I really love her! She kept turning around to us and smiled in between the flashlight sessions and after she walked the whole carpet until the end she eventually ran all the way back to us to give some autographs and holy cow. Yup this sounds slightly creepy but my hand was ...maybe an inch away from hers, I actually stood there FACE TO FACE! The very disappointing thing was that she didn't sign my iphone case because I was least I thought so! But nooo it was on picture mode and I eventually only got footage from her walking away but whoaaaa....
So this is how "A little peak doesn't hurt" tunred into "OH MY GOD I MET JOSH HUTCHERSON AND JENNIFER LAWRENCE!!!"
THIS WAS ONE CRAZY EXPERIENCE and teaches me AGAIN! the best comes when you expect NOTHING! I'm sure there have been a lot more lucky ducks out there but considering that I didn't plan or wait for this at all hahah god! And another exciting thing was actually Tanya Burr! she seemed to be the sweetest person on EARTH! it was so adorable how she literally RAN (yes she RAN she didn't walk) back to us just to give some autographs and take pictures! Goodness! I love her more than I did before! And we got to see McFly and Ellie Goulding (who didn't turn around ONCE though :(! ).

GOOD LORD I'm done! haha and so sure you didn't read a word I said! Sorry this is such a long text! And the blurry pictures but these are just screenshots, you actually see a little more on the footage haha i know this isn't super exclusive but it could've been worse :D
 Are you excited for the movie?!

Andrea xx


  1. aw, wunning back to give autographs actually shows there are still some good celebs in the world!

    1. yes! Sam and Jennifer actually came back twice to the front and to the back! they were so nice! xx

  2. Aww this is adorable hun, so cool that you got to be right there on the red carpet, you lucky person! ^^ Really enjoyed reading your post, I'm such a big fan of Hunger Games (more of a book fan but of course, excited to see the movie!) so thanks for the pics and for sharing! Really awesome experience! ♥

    Liana x
    Dress Code Chic

    1. Liana! I haven't seen you for a quite while! So glad you're back! I absolutely loved your last post! and yes haha I WAS lucky on that day, I usually am really not. like yesterday, my phone was stolen haha

  3. Oh wow, there are so many fabulous dresses and people here. It looks like it was so fun!

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  6. Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the sunshine award.

  7. WOW thanks amazing, I would have loved to meet them! x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  8. Sounds like you had a fab time!! <3

    Jennie xo |

  9. Adore Jennifer Lawrence. Love this and new to your blog!

    xo Mel
    turquoise blonde

  10. OMG! U r sooo lucky!!!! :D


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  11. This is such a cool thing to see and you're ring for not spending hundreds on a VIP ticket, far too expensive

    Ellen // A little bit Unique // Facebook // Bloglovin // Instagram


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  13. I have read the books (the 3logy) and looking forward to the movie...

  14. Great post. Love the yellow dress. What a movie star moment.

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    Hope you had a great weekend!

  15. I'm really jealous you got to go to this! I'm really looking forward to seeing it!

  16. It looks amazing!

    I've nominated you for the sunshine award :)


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  18. Oh my god! You're so lucky haha!
    I went to the EMA's this year and I've also saw a lot of stars, it feels so weird standing a few meters away from those people.
    Fun post girl:)

  19. I love Hunger Games' serie! I love the movies and books editions! ♥

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  21. Oh My!!! Oh My!!!! It must have been an amazing experience!!!!!!!!
    Happy New Year!!!
    XOXO from Shanhgai