Monday, 9 February 2015

Make it happen: Are there days you feel like this...Lost? + New Layout

Good morning you people out there. or evening, depending when I will post this.

I've been trying to get back a lot in the past few months, and while I have never been able to find the courage to push the "publish" button, all these posts have been piling up.

So where have I been again you ask? The answer is Uni! The best thing that has happened to me lately. I stayed away from the Internet as long as possible and found my way back to life. Just to realise that I do miss sharing all of my stories with you and just talk...whether you are interested or not, you somehow ended up here right? so why not sticking around for a while?

The past few months I learned a few lessons about life, how much a little smile can change the whole world and just to make things happen. Yep. I'm hinting towards my title. Why spending hours and hours being all anxious about situations that might could happen, when you haven't even tried to take the chance. I realised I haven't made any memorable experiences for a while simply because I thought they weren't worth the effort. When did things become so complicated? Life used to be simple, as children we used to be fearless.
The answer is as simple. The older the more judgemental society becomes and you either go with it or you break and start to shut down your expectations, motivation - dreams become smaller.
I don't know if it's because I turned 20 and came to the conclusion that I am running out of time, which I have been wasting plenty of by quickly ditching ideas that could've turned into something beautiful.
But I do feel like I need to rebuild these dreams and goals.
And in order to achieve those I decided to make things happen and approaching them as if they were the most valuable gifts on earth instead of procrestinating out of fear (or laziness). These things don't have to be massive (I honestly said still don't know what I want to do with my life), however, by going baby-steps I've begun to feel like I'm having a direction, where I can base still tiny but bigger goals on and work harder.

First layer of goals:

- positive mindset (don't take comments too personal)
- stop avoiding people I know (silence is not always gold)
- talk to strangers or at least people next to you (We Germans are quite closed)
- getting up earlier (no matter how hard, early morning set me in a good and productive mood)
- get more organised (I dislike chaos but when I don't feel well I let myself go)
- stop downplaying compliments (haha they mostly end up in awkward replies)

Those are not very exciting but I'm working on it hehe As I said, the more you do the more you dare. I'm still at level 1, but who knows about next time?
I however would like to know, do you sometimes feel like this? What would your goals be if you weren't afraid to follow them?

P.S: How do you like the new layout? It's very simple, I kind of liked my old one a lot but I needed a change :)


  1. lovely goals list. wishing you the best in your accomplishments
    Stefanie | Casualllyawkward | Bloglovin'

  2. I nominated you for the Liebster Award :)

    Andrea x

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