Sunday, 19 May 2013

Mascara-Showdown: Colossal vs. False Lashes

Hello out there! Now that I am finally done with the A-Levels and only a month away from graduating I  FINALLY found the time to reactivate my blog. I really hope you come back to say hi!

We'll start off with something small but I promise there is going to be more very soon!

I really love Maybelline Mascaras and they are probably the only drugstore mascaras I have ever liked (nothing beats my Lancôme Hypnose Drama though!), but since everyone's eyes are on their new baby "Rocket Mascara" I decided to write about two other ones. Not that I don't like the Rocket one, honestly said it's my favorite but there are soooooooo many reviews out there. So why not looking at the "older" ones? Just in case you haven't tried them ;)

Brush: Both are made of  . While the False Lashes has a rather curvy brush the Colossal one's is described as a "Mega brush", which is why I think they are incomparable. TIED!

Length: The Colossal-Mascara barely adds any length to my lashes, the False-Lashes one does it with a super natural effect. One point for FALSE LASHES!

Volume: Both are blessed with the subtitle "Volume Express", both live up to their names. The Colossal  adds a lot more volume though which means...oh well One Point for COLOSSAL!

Color: No doubt One Point for COLOSSAL. I have tried many MANY mascaras but this one the blackest mascara I have ever seen and even beats my beloved Hypnose Drama by Lancôme...colourwise at least!

Lasting: The Colossal-Mascara starts crumbling off your lashes and sometimes ends up on your face after a long loooooong day. It lasts though, just not the entire day. One Point for False Lashes!

Curling: Since I am doomed to live with the shortest lashes a girl can have this is an unbelievably important point for me. The False-Lashes-mascara holds the curl quite well (not as well as the Rocket and especially not as well as the Great Lashes one though) while the Colossal....I don't know anything else to say than big big FAIL. My lashes go straight down to earth even when curling with my Shu Uemura! One Point for False Lashes!!!!

And the winner is...I guess you can count but just in case you can't *rataplan*...The False Lashes-Mascara!!! at least it's my personal favorite and before the Rocket one came along I seriously considered to repurchase (I probably will!) this product, which I have (besides my Hypnose Drama) never done before! It gives your lashes a very natural and beautiful look so you might want to try! 

Thank you so much for reading my first post in a long! I really hope this was somewhat helpful or entertaining! There is a lot more to come ALSO...
since I will be off to London in a few weeks I consider buying a new camera! Any suggestions please?!!!!!!!! :)

xx Andrea