Saturday, 23 August 2014

About Leaving London,Home and Summer Tan - Chocolate Soleil Bronzer Review

Dear Summer you have been absolutely terrible at times and I am very glad my favourite season Autmn is on the doorstep to welcome me. However, where did the tan come from?

Hellooo you guys! Please skip down to the bronzer pictures if you only want to read the review

I know I have been promising a lot and didn't hold them. Yet please know I absolutely love this place and when I saw Sierra tweeting to me (which I usually never check!) I decided to finally get a grip and sit down and post.There have been many times when I started a post in the last few months but never really sent it off. It's incredible how one person can finally make you do it, right? Seeing her blog blossom into this beautiful thing since the last time I saw it, really inspires me to put more effort into the things I love and reactive my old dusty photoshop skills. Thank you so much dear! It was just a few lines but i hope you know that the timing was absolutely perfect and therefore meant a lot to me :)

So many things have changed the last few months, not all of them in a positive way. My gap year in London is over but I am very much glad I am going to Uni soon. But don't you worry my appetite for beauty products never decreased therefore I packed enough to review for the rest of the year until I return haha And we'll start off with my favourite Bronzer.

As a person that is not very much a fan of Summer (except for the wonderful mornings when the air is clear or the warm nights) I have to admit I didn't come out a lot during the day time, I prefered the nights i spent on my friends rooftop enjoying the view of London when the sun goes down. Therefore I didn't get a proper tan on my face which is usually the only pale part of my body haha. Thank God I purchased a little helper that has been on my wish list for more than 2 years and will help me conceal the lack of sun i got this season.

 REVIEW: Too Faced Chocolate Soleil
The reason I absolutley love this Bronzer is that it's MATTE. I had lots of different Bronzers, some really good ones but they were all glowy, which is great from time to time but I was looking for one that would help me contour my face and non-existing cheekbones without looking orange and unnatural. It's extremely pigmented and therefore absolutely perfect for contouring and gives you a very natural looking tan.

I usually use the MAC #168 Brush to contour my the cheekbones. It goes perfectly with the Bronzer, which is really easy to build up, putting up the layers of intensity.
When my needs simply needs colour I like using the Real Techniques Stippling Brush to dust it over my cheeks and my forehead, as the hair of the brush is a little bit more solid (if you know what i mean :D) and therefore doesn't take as much product as the MAC one would.

All in all I really love it, it has become one of my everyday-products. I know everyone was rambling about the Hoola-Bronzer by Benefit for a while but i must say I like the intensity of my Chocolate Soleil a lot better. And the best - it does not only smell of delicious Milk-Chocolate but it also taste very sweet. Not that I am encouraging you to eat it...Not that I intentionally tried it :D I happened to inhale with my mouth while I put ot on my face haha

Wow that was a very very very long post. I don't really think you got until here but if you did that's wonderful! Thank you very much for reading!

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Finding my way back to life

Dear Diary...

No I'm just joking haha but writing up my thoughts has always helped me to reflect and maybe it will be a little inspirational to someone out there....or not haha

First of all my camera has been repaired and I am ready to get back to blogging. But I do feel like I owe you ..or rather myself the reason why I ever took a "break".

You might have noticed *cough* sorry you can definetely see that posting on a regular base has never been my strength. My last post has been..3 months ago? Anyway let me explain why.
I know I could say that I didn't have the time to but to be honest I just couldn't start.
I've been too busy with keeping myself happy that I decided to shut out everything possible that could get me stressed. And by everything I really do mean everything - I was just living for the moment, did everything I felt like doing and as much as I loved blogging I really didn't feel like taking my laptop out and posting some pictures, despite the fact

Anyway now that I am much better now it is time to move on and live a normal life again. You can't be selfish forever right? haha So I went off to House of Fraser and decided to catch up on the world of make up again. In fact I have taken so many pictures in the last of months and decided to write some reviews. So be ready for tons of posts! I hope you guys are still out there! :) And thank you so much for checking on my blog every now and then, I might've forgotten about this wonderful place if I hadn't received emails for the comments you've made.

Andrea xx