Saturday, 29 March 2014

Finding my way back to life

Dear Diary...

No I'm just joking haha but writing up my thoughts has always helped me to reflect and maybe it will be a little inspirational to someone out there....or not haha

First of all my camera has been repaired and I am ready to get back to blogging. But I do feel like I owe you ..or rather myself the reason why I ever took a "break".

You might have noticed *cough* sorry you can definetely see that posting on a regular base has never been my strength. My last post has been..3 months ago? Anyway let me explain why.
I know I could say that I didn't have the time to but to be honest I just couldn't start.
I've been too busy with keeping myself happy that I decided to shut out everything possible that could get me stressed. And by everything I really do mean everything - I was just living for the moment, did everything I felt like doing and as much as I loved blogging I really didn't feel like taking my laptop out and posting some pictures, despite the fact

Anyway now that I am much better now it is time to move on and live a normal life again. You can't be selfish forever right? haha So I went off to House of Fraser and decided to catch up on the world of make up again. In fact I have taken so many pictures in the last of months and decided to write some reviews. So be ready for tons of posts! I hope you guys are still out there! :) And thank you so much for checking on my blog every now and then, I might've forgotten about this wonderful place if I hadn't received emails for the comments you've made.

Andrea xx


  1. love!

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    1. Thanks love! I will definetely go check it out! xx