Thursday, 24 October 2013

New In: Berry Autmn on the Oxford Street - Part 1

Hello out there!

I know I haven't been posting anything decent for decades and therefore deserve all the ignoring silence on here :D

But I'm back! and absolutely couldn't wait to blog something again so I decided to start with a small haul from last week. I've been to the oxford street - like every single week actually as it's only 15 minutes footwalk away - and went to the boots sale and picked up some Autmn Make up, which I am very much excited about. Autmn is just my favourite season out of all (providing it's not raining...which it surprisingly doesn't in London at the moment) not too warm, not too cold, warm and COSY jumpers and the best berry colors.

So while teal is the color I'm wearing to death during the summer (apart from the lips I guess), almost 70% of all make up and clothing pieces are berry and or moron haha (NO kidding!!!)

Besides the Revlon Color Stay (Oh how much I've missed Pencil Eyeliner! I only had my gel eyeliner with me!!!!!) and the Loreal Telescopic and Volume Million Lashes Mascara (Review will follow soon!) I also picked up...

Revlon Super Lustrious in Berry Allure
I'm not too fond of glittery lips and as most lip glosses tend to shimmer to the MAX I've been thinking a lot whether to get this color. I eventually did so glad I did! After trying it out at home I stayed happy and grinning like an idiot...thanks to a lipgloss! Long lasting, glossy in a nice NON shimmering way and the most gorgeous color I've ever seen! This one deserves an own post.

MUA Eyeshadow - Pearl #24
Don't get confused by the word PEARL! it's a plumish and yes also berry color. Honestly said I just picked it up because superdrug sold them for only £1 and I didn't have access to my "Rust" by NYX as London doesn't seem to offer this brand :( But it's suprisingly pigmented and I like it alot in combination with other brown colors! It quickly found its way into my Daily Routine.

Sleek Blush - Flushed
It's not a secret that Sleek has the best high street blushes. I usually tend to go for more bronzer or natural colors but made a nice 180° turn for this one. It looks best on my cheeks when I have my hair in a bun or out of my face at least, because for some reason it's a little too much when I have my hair down...does this even make sense? haha sorry i'm listening to music and have quite much no clue what I'm writing. But I really enjoy laying in my bed and talk about my favorite things..

Loreal Color Riche Nude Collection - #Julianne
Haha you might will think "Nude"?! This is red! but no it's just the lighting. It's a beautiful nudish/pinkish color. I've never liked this complete nude color trend as my lips are naturally rather red and nude lipsticks make me look sick but I thought this is a brilliant option. My friend almost ripped my arm off after I picked up the last one in the store haha

Noooowww that's it! :) I decided to post some more little items the next time before I actually show you ALL the things I hauled in the last two months in London! I hope you enjoyed this post! thank you so much for reading

xx Andrea

Saturday, 19 October 2013


Hellooooooo! Hellooo is anybody out there? 'Cause I don't here a sound...

Sorry :D Even when I'm writing I tend to break into songs and I couldn't help myself!

I just want to say how much I appreciate your lovely comments! They really did cheer me up and I'm not joking when I say (or write) that they helped me a lot! So thank you! If there's any place in London you really want me to explore for you, just tell me!!! I definetely will!

And again I'm so so sorry for not blogging..I know I'm horrible but I really do have an excuse (other than laziness) this time!

My phone didn't work ergo no hotspot/wifi access, however, after two months of Starbucks Wifi-Sessions I finally can write from my bed again. And it's wonderful!
The two months sitting all alone at home, completely bored I developed the habit to give the shops some visits...ALOT haha
 Nooooo it wasn't because I had too much money to spend but simply because I didn't have the chance to pack my suitcase the way I wanted to! (If only my bag was a Tardis!)
And even though it's not the beginning of fall anymore I am still very much excited to introduce you to my new fall things.

I think I will still upload my "Hauling into Fall" Series despite the fact that Winter is very near...if you are interested!! :)