Saturday, 19 October 2013


Hellooooooo! Hellooo is anybody out there? 'Cause I don't here a sound...

Sorry :D Even when I'm writing I tend to break into songs and I couldn't help myself!

I just want to say how much I appreciate your lovely comments! They really did cheer me up and I'm not joking when I say (or write) that they helped me a lot! So thank you! If there's any place in London you really want me to explore for you, just tell me!!! I definetely will!

And again I'm so so sorry for not blogging..I know I'm horrible but I really do have an excuse (other than laziness) this time!

My phone didn't work ergo no hotspot/wifi access, however, after two months of Starbucks Wifi-Sessions I finally can write from my bed again. And it's wonderful!
The two months sitting all alone at home, completely bored I developed the habit to give the shops some visits...ALOT haha
 Nooooo it wasn't because I had too much money to spend but simply because I didn't have the chance to pack my suitcase the way I wanted to! (If only my bag was a Tardis!)
And even though it's not the beginning of fall anymore I am still very much excited to introduce you to my new fall things.

I think I will still upload my "Hauling into Fall" Series despite the fact that Winter is very near...if you are interested!! :)

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