Sunday, 25 August 2013


Hello you guys,

I'm very sorry for not posting anything, I know what I promised but as you can tell from the title I recently moved to London (2 and a half weeks ago) and right now it's one of these moments where I'm so glad to have a blog where I can pour my heart out.

First of all London is such a wonderful city, I really understand why people love to come here. The architecture is amazing and I really love walking around and just look at all the things happening around me. To me, a girl from a smile town, this city is definetely alive haha A few days ago I took some pictures for you :) YES can you believe it? SUN in LONDON, it's actually quite hot right now (despite the fact that it started to rain the entire day)

And YES, the fact that I'm living in Zone 1 and therefore have all the stores right in front of my nose, is pure danger to my credit card. I've been hauling the last three weeks like crazy and for sure am going to introduce my new pieces to you as soon as I get better from being homesick.

So as the girl who just moved here I barely know anyone and it's kind of a vicious circle since I don't know what places I could go to...and not knowing anyone really doesn't motivate me to go out very often..I'm not too sure if that just made sense but I guess you know what I mean haha And having a weak wifi does not exactly help me with working on my blog and especially not youtube (I can't even watch ANY videos)..I know this sounds like I'm just complaining pfshh
I'm not asking you to befriend with me no no no no I'm a stranger :D but does ANYONE know where I can find a freaking swimming pool because my scolioses is killing me! Or where you like to go to yoga classes, or get your hair cut or ANY other helpful information :) You would really help me!

Other than that, don't get me wrong I don't regret leaving home and coming here, it's beautiful here! :) People are so nice and look at the funny buses and cabs haha
 I will write something more helpful the next time I promise! Hope you're having a wonderful day!



  1. ahhh amazing that u moved to London! I'm planning to move there too in 2014! Have fun Andrea! x

  2. You're so lucky to be living in London - it's a great city :) Starbucks will have good free wifi, so head down to your laptop, grab a coffee and you never know who you'll meet! x

  3. This is so admirable that you are doing this!! I would be far too scared to move out to London! You will soon find friends, I think you are right clubs and any social event you can go to, do it! London could be pretty lonely so just be sociable. You'll be great and enjoy!!

    Em x

  4. I'd love to move to London! You're so lucky!
    Hope it'll get better soon :)

  5. Great post! Beautiful photos!

    Would you like to follow each other with GFC and Bloglovin '? Let me know :)

    Best wishes!

  6. Aww i wish i could help you, but unfortunately i've never been there :( that's so brave and adventurous for you to move there all on your own! the photos are GORGEOUS- i'd just walk around and explore all year ;)

    PS- coffee shops always have free wifi- just go work there and look up all the places you need :)

    xo marlen
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  7. Hi Andrea! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! I work just at the bottom of Regents Street so London is very familiar to me!! I hope you're enjoying living here:)

    Following you back,

    Emily xxx |

  8. I loved this post and you're so brave to move there! I hope to move there next year once finishing my course. Maybe once you've found some good places you could help me out haha, have fun and enjoy yourself! Sarah x

  9. Lovely pictures! London si beautiful indeed. I got a bad weather when I was visiting (just my luck) so I guess a little sun can make things even prettier. I hope you will soon find cool people and places. But for starters there are tons of galleries and exhibitions of modern art and design you can check out - that is something you can enjoy by yourself ;) Good luck and I would love to see more London dedicated posts in the near future ;)

  10. Hi Andrea,
    So happy to hear you have moved to London, its an amazing city for sure! I used to live there but moved back to sweden in the beginning of may, go back now in a few weeks, just couldnt get enough :P!
    Im sorry to hear about your scolioses. If you are in need of a swimming pool i would suggest you to join a gym i think. Take a look here though

    Hope your are enjoying London and thanks for a great blog!


  11. London is a great and fantastic city! Enjoy it!!

  12. Aw I would be so out of my depth living in London lol but my sister moved there years ago and she absolutely loves it! I hope you do too and call it home x

  13. Welcome to London :) sounds like your living in a cool spot, you'll find your way around soon enough. Have you been to shoreditch in East London yet, great for a night out & cool places to eat. If you bored one day a look around Spitalfields market is fun & that's near Liverpool St station :) Ohh and you've for to go to Winter Wonderland in Hyde park!
    Maybe Its Megan Leigh xx

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