Monday, 16 December 2013

Let's get NAKED 3rd time! - Review

HELLLOOOOOOOO my last post has been 10 days ago! hey that's not toooo bad I suppose! :D I can't believe it's going to be Christmas in 10 more days...or 9, depending on which side of the earth you live!
And WHAT could be more exciting than Christmas shopping?

Thanks to my iphone thief, it's not going to turn out too big this year as my budget decreased extremely after getting a new phone...however, I still went to the House Of Fraser to enjoy being a London resident and get the Naked 3 Palette (and by accident a few more things.............)

While many Americans already got the chance to try out 12 new brilliant eyeshadows, most UK residents will have to wait until tomorrow 16 December...or today as I'm writing through the night haha

So let's start! My first impression of it - pink or rosy!
The package already gives you and idea of what the eyeshadows might look like.

It does not come with an extra urban decay product like the naked 1 and 2 but impresses with a solid package, which feels like...something between plastic and metal I suppose haha
It looks very much like the Naked 2 palette from the outside, however, the lid has a certain texture that gives it its own touch.
Also it includes a brush or in fact two. An eyeshadow brush and flat brush which got me really excited. I absolutely adore brushes by Urban Decay.

Just like the other palettes, Naked 3 offers 12 different sparkling or matte eyeshadows. But while Naked 1 and 2 in comparison have quite similiar neutral to cold shades, Naked 3 seems to go for warmer directions
They all have a slighty pinkish and rosy undertone, which I honestly said was not too sure about, and
range from lighter colours for a day make up and darker colours for a night outs.
My favourites are Limit, Trick, Nooner, Factory, Dark Side and Blackheart (I know it looks black but it's dark red) and mostly on the darker side (we have cookies haha) as I prefer brown over pink but I do love them all! they all go along well and make it impossible to mess up your eye make-up...colourwise at least

The first thing I have noticed about the sparkling glittery eyeshadows is that they crumble inside the palette and eventually on your eyelids...or your face depending on where it eventually lands haha You can even see it on my arm...
However, after using an eyeshadow primer (it doesn't have to be the Urban Decay one, I tried it with several primers) it will last for the rest of the night. No crumbling, no glittery face and veeeeeeeeeery pigmented colours!

Yes. I prefer darker colours and love brown, however, I cannot say that I regret buying this. It is a really good palette and I absolutely understand why the numbers of sold palettes have gone through the roof. As I have already said I did have the feeling Naked 1 and Naked 2 are quite similiar, but Urban Decay came up with a completey new range of colours by bringing out Naked 3. And what I especially like about it is that the colours are quire unique (especially Darker Side and Blackheart), so that even people that have plenty of palettes by different brands will most likely not get bored!
I personally am really excited to experiment with it and to be honest it was about time to go for these shades of colours! I absolutely adore Holland Roden aka Lydia Martin's Make up from Teen Wolf!

I will upload a new video of Naked 3 looks soon if you like :)

Are you going to go to the Urban Decays countes? What are YOUR favourite shades? and combinations?!

Thank you so much for reading! i hope this was helpful! Love your lots

Andrea xx


  1. wow! the pigmentation is actually quite good, i do not own a naked palette and I don't think i will ever buy one, I guess am not an eyeshadow person lol but i loved your review!

    lovely post

    zara xx

  2. Nice review! Naked 3 looks great.

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  3. great post! would you like to follow eachother?

  4. Oh my, the more swatches I see the more I need it in my life x

    Lauren | What Lauren Says

  5. I'm so jealous you've got your hands on this already, the shades all look so pretty definitely going to try and get this palette asap, great review I'm sold hehe xx


  6. I also got mine early! I just love the colours, the light colours are lovely, try a thick base (I use paint pots by MAC) and they shouldn't flake too much.

    Cornelia - Ineffable Beauty

  7. i got my palette last week and i loved it !! would you like to follow each other on Bloglovin :) xx

  8. I can't decide which Naked Palette to get. I don't have any of them and I really want to get one, but I just can't pick one. Following you btw.


  9. This looks like such a gorgeous palette, oh gosh why did it have to come out now right before Christmas!
    Amy x A Little Boat Sailing

    1. Oh and thank you for such a nice comment on my blog :) xx

  10. Want to try, I've heard great things about the Naked palette!
    xo Annie
    New England Romance

  11. Gosh this looks sooo nice, I reckon I may have to purchase this!
    Just found your blog, defo going to follow xx

  12. I love my NAKED2 but now i really want the NAKED3 haha. The colors seem more shimmery which i love. It is definitely on my wish list.

  13. I really want this! I've had my Naked 2 for 10 months so I think I deserve an upgrade!

    Merry Christmas!

    Corinne x

  14. i'm seeing NAKED everywhere and I'm seriously considering getting one for myself too ;)

    Check out my outfit post featuring Breaking Rocks Clothing :)
    RASSP blog

  15. Oh it is a pretty, pretty thing! I mainly use light colours for make up so this looks good for me! Lots of light colours. Don't know how you could use them all though!! Great review.

    Emma x

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  17. That's cute! You get all the colors you need in one, from day to night!

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  18. Amazing review! I really want this palette x

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  21. I really want this palette! My NAKED1 palette is still going strong though! :p

    Miss Annie @ - Photography & adventures