Saturday, 23 February 2013

Degrassi: Suicide

As the news spreads about Campbell, please let your friends know that there’s a team of counselors here to help the school through this difficult time. There’s no right way to respond to a suicide. Some of you might feel sadness, grief, anger, guilt. Others may be less affected. All of these emotions are completely normal. But no matter how you feel, the best thing you can do is stay open, talk to your parents and your teachers and your friends. And more importantly, listen. Listen to what others have to say. Just know that you’re not alone.
Okay so this is not really what I am going to write about in the future. But I think it's too important to ignore it. (If you should not be interested, I will have another post tonight)

If you don't know what Degrassi is, it's a Canadian tv-show about pupil's life at high school. And honestly most of the storylines are really relatable. One of the characters commited sucide on yesterday's episode after a long time of depressions.

The thing that made thoughtful was the fact that the other pupils didn't realise he was depressive. He only gave a few hints and obviously was hoping for help but eventually did not tell anyone about his feelings. Also the incidents that made him depressive were...well let's say a person would not think that they would make someone suicidal. He was teased by his hockey colleagues, put under pressure and miss his family. But adding them all together - I like to call it the snowball effect - can hit someone very hard. The character eventually killed himself after someone called him a "psycho". I think the snowball effect is something everyone can realte to!

This is the audio to the sequence after the candle light vigil. I think the music and the speech are beautiful
 After this I was asking myself a lot if I had pushed someone over the edge by the things that I said. I have never been a mean person but what I want to say is that NO ONE knows what the other person has been through and no one knows for sure how much impact they have on other people's lives. It is so easy to get there. I personally never thought of suicide but there were so many times when I thought the jokes that people were making about me weren't funny at all. They in fact hurt me so much that I couldn't forget people's words for weeks/months/years. Even when they weren't seriously about it I couldn't help but taking those jokes personally.

So if you are there please talk to someone and seek help.
You can also call someone. Click HERE for the list of suicide crisis lines.

As cheesy as it sounds, please remember that you are not alone.


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