Thursday, 21 February 2013

I ♥ Pizzamuffins!

Hellooooo there :) I never got the chance to express my love for huge slouchy jumpers! I love them in neutral colors, wearing them with leggings, small necklaces, huge collars....etc. So many ways!!!
Since I spent the entire school day writing my biology exam/semi-finals, my mom decided to wander through the shops with me and my friend after we picked up my license.
Of course I had to go to H&M (where else?! They now have Beckham on their bags?!).

 So now my haul didn't turn out too big...well it's just one jumper. A really slouchy one, nothing special. But I love it since I've been looking for a white slouchy jumper for ages (I'm not even kidding!). And I really love the way it's knitted. It's also perfect for summer since it's just roughly knitted. You can purchase it HERE

 I'm gonna be honest...I used to dislike H&M for a while because every single girl at my school would wear
the same things. But now that H&M decided to sell studded things and slouchy sweaters I really started to enjoy going shopping there.

For dinner my mommy baked some pizzamuffins! Sounds scary but they are soooo good! I have no words for all the feelings I have in my mouth eating a pizzamuffin haha

I really hope you all had a great day!!! I ♥ everyone that stumbles over this post! xo Andrea


  1. Hey, I really enjoyed this post and I have the same jumper! :) I was just curious as to how you make pizzamuffin's?! They look yummy hehe. Sarah x

  2. For some reason the reply button doesn't work so I'm just going to reply to you here :)
    Thank you so much! I might will make a post about it!! <3

  3. Pizzamuffins are fabulous. I love them :)

    Kelley x