Tuesday, 19 February 2013

When friendships break and hockey

I had hockey-class today. THANK GOD. that was freaking exhausting but I finally got to let all my anger out. Seriously I ran back and forth and have been really good today.
 Now I'm all sweaty but happy again....Well as much as I can since I am going to write a super important biology exam in 2 days and I need to catch up on 3 semesters...holy cow!
I hate sports but it can be really good to balance things out especially when you are freaking furious haha and I really was today...
I know my webcam sucks. But I didn't charge my camera.

So there are two people at my school that currently make me want to go through the roof or just hit them with my hockey stick! One of them is a friend of mine that I've been annoyed by for a while. There is a reason for it which I don't want to write up here. But let's say she's hurting many of our friends.
And then there's the other girl, that I like to consider as the biggest and also bitchiest nerd at school. Bitchy AND nerdy? Yes bitchy and nerdy. Not that being nerdy is bad. I like to consider myself as a geek.
So I usually don't hate on people but this girl has always felt all bossy just because teachers consider her as intelligent and has tried to outcast me for a while. And my named friend seems to adapt to her behaviour. I don't mind that they've become friends but laughing while the other HBIC bullies your friend? That's the line!
This one's taken with my iphone. Better :)
Anyways I had my history exam today. You must know there were two different groups of people in the room - one of them would write for 2 and one for 4 hours. And our teacher gave us (the 2 hour-group) some extra time. I don't know if it was because I protested but when I turned around guess who was starring at me with bitter hate-stares á la nerdy bitch?! Yes my friend. Oh well...I get that she is mad and it's okay but I really don't like what she's become..

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