Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Introduction - Why Blogging?

Helloooooo... How is everybody doing today? (I'm not just asking, I really would love to know!)

I'm just going to start off with a quick introduction.
My name is Andrea. I am 18...and 2 weeks (haha I almost wrote up 17).
I live in the centre of Europa...Well I think it is the centre!
I chose the title because I think simple, LITTLE things (you get the reference there?!) are so underappreciate but yet they can have the most powerful effect on you :) I can tell you this since I've been many to many places in the world!

And that was the boring part! I can't promise it though haha Let's move forward to the question


Honestly, I am not sure. I guess I have two missions

1. More "Me". More "Me"-Time..or to be gramatically correct, more time for myself.
I haven't had much "Me"-Time lately and eventually got the feeling of being lost. In order to find the happy "Me" I used to be as a child again I needed a diary. And what's better than a blog for this? I can post simple thoughts, pictures und music that move me, share all the things I love. I suppose mainly clothes and make-up haha and the BEST! I have a reason to work with Photoshop again!
I honestly don't think many people are going to read this. But that really is not the point. I just need to write up my thoughts and maybe, just maybe you will be somewhat interested.

2. My writing skills...Just checked my text and NOPE. I'm not really good at it haha
Anyway! I'm very close to my A-Levels exams and always have had the problem of expressing my thoughts. Everything is inside my head. I just don't know how to say it. This might will help, I don't know. I've been trying to run a video diary in private, so I can practise for my orals but failed miserably! I just don't feel very comfortable in front of the camera. I might will try again though since it's good practise.

The view from our house. A simple thing I really appreciate is the sunset.

I'm pretty sure 99,999999999 % didn't even get to this line but if you did: Thank you so much!

- Andrea xx

PS.: I know the Layout sucks...gah my eyes burn when I look at it. But I will work at it very soon! I promise!

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  1. Hi there. Just been reading through your blog posts and I came accross this one, your first post. I love the reasons behind why you have begun this blog and that is exactly why I created my blog. To have "me" time more often and to also meet great people like yourself :)

    I know how you feel about not being comfortable vlogging as that's what I originally wanted to do but I aren't the most confident person myself. I have joined your site and would appreciate it if you checked out my blog and followed me back.

    Kelley x