Monday, 4 March 2013

Pamper Evening for One!

Good evening! or night :) Did you have a stressfull week? Same here!
So I wanted to do this post yesterday but I just couldn't make it yesterday, I'm sorry.

If you don't know what a pamper evening is, it simply is a very relaxing evening where you can treat yourself with good things. You usually do that in groups but it's also good on your own.
Now that I am officially done with writing my exams and I won't write any more until my A-Levels, which is in a month, I now and then "force" myself to just let go of all my duties and relax.

1. The Body Shop CRANBERRY JOY Shower Gel
    I usually take a bath but when I don't have the time to I like to use these for a shower. The fruity cranberry
    scent is perfect for when you feel tired and drained.

2. THE BODY SHOP Cranberry Joy Body Lotion
    So now this is extremely shimmery, which I hate. But it smells like heaven! The scent is pretty intense and
    lasts for a quite while. And it makes your skin literally feel like a baby sheep!

3. The ARTDECO Aromatic Body Cream Skin Yoga
    I love anything that contains shea butter so I tried these samples. I really love the scent, it's not fruity at all
    but very revitalizing. And I really l really love how my skin feels like after treating it with this product.
    Definetely going to purchase the full bottle!

4. YANKEE CANDLE - Summer Breeze
    I love scented candles. And this one for some reason reminds me on my holidays in croatia last year! Very
    fruity and delicious! The entire room screams summer when there's still snow outside haha

    Haha I seriously dislike eating salads. I can't live without meat. But on pamper evenings I at least try to
    reduce the amount of meat. That's when I run to the fridge and start to throw random stuff into a bowl and
    fry some champignons.

 I know there's ham but hey at least I tried!! Also Follow me on instagram! I'm linhandrea or Click HERE

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you have a great night xx


  1. Replies
    1. It is! I'm trying really hard to do that every sunday!


  2. Love The Body shop!

    Wanna follow each other on GFC? also on Twitter or Fb,Bloglovin?
    My blog

    lovely day!

    1. Sure! If I only I knew what GFC is haha I'm sorry I guess I must be living under a rock


  3. i'm about to have my own pamper evening as we speak! the candles are lit haha xxx

    1. You definetely should! everybody needs a time-out! :) Have fun xx

  4. I love the cranberry body shop products. The smell is lovely. This looks like a very relaxing pamper evening, I could do with one myself! Now following via GFC x

  5. mmm that looks so good!
    following your blog now!