Saturday, 9 March 2013

Rimmel Haul Part II: Face

Hello there!! as I've promised here the Second part of my rimmel haul a few days ago :)

It is going to be about the "Face"-products I've purchased and (unfortunetely) only includes 2 products again. These two are truly amazing and are very useful though, so stay tuned! I promise the third and last part will be alot bigger!

1. STAY MATTE Foundation (201 Classic Beige)
It supposedly contains "chamomille to calm, cucumber to help clarify and cotton to help shine control". These three ingredients are honestly said the main reason why I purchased this foundation because I have super oily skin and ingredients like cucumber and chamomille (also green tea by the way!) help a lot to mattify your skin and keep the oil production under control. It is very light and almost feels (and also the package looks) like a BB-Cream. It gives a lot more coverage though (picture below!) and lasts for hours. I think it's perfect for summer when it's too hot to use a heavy foundation because your skin produces too much oil.

2. NATURAL BRONZER (021 Sun Light)
Now this bronzer is VERY true to its name. If you are looking for something that would make your face look sunkissed without looking overbronzed this product is perfect for you. I like to apply this bronzer with my kabuki-brush and just contour my face. You can't even see that you are wearing bronzer, yet your face will look contoured and  naturally sunkissed, which I think is very important when you wear bright lipsticks. Being overbronzed and wearing a bright lipstick could make you look like a potential candidate for jersey shore *cough* I really love using this for my face and add a darker bronzer on my cheeks to contour the cheekbones. It also has SPF :)

I just realized I've been wearing this shirt everytime I take pictures haha but no seriously it's not the only outfit I own! don't worry! :D

I hope this post was somewhat helpful :) ! Are you going to try these two babies? Also don't forget to check out Part I..Click HERE 


  1. You look so pretty, I love that rimmel powder

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  6. You look lovely, I really want to try a matte foundation this one looks great! x


    1. thank you :) it really is! very mattifying!

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    1. thank you so much! I might will do another one in the next few days! :)

  8. Beautiful!
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