Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Rimmel Haul Part III: Eyes

Hello you guys! how are you doing?
As I've told you this was going to be my last week of school. However I didn't go to school today because all of my classes have been cancelled. I still considered to go but since I've found that taking pictures for 5 minutes wasn't worth the effort of finding a costume I didn't go. Big mistake. Today has been the day where we were going to prank the teachers and even better do the harlem shake all together. Great, I missed it.

Anyways, here's the third part!

It's bigger than the other ones and focuses on eye-products. I am going to start of with the mascaras.

1.The Max Bold Curves Mascara
When I tried this first I wasn't too impressed. It gets clumpy after the second coat. However it makes your lashes look super long. And I am saying this as a Maybelline False Lashes user! I cannot use this product on it's own but in combination with other mascaras this one is perfect. It has a huge brush, which I love haha. Especially for my lashes in the outer corner of my eye!

2. Sexy Curves Intense Black Mascara
Now this one is an amazing product! Since my lashes are pretty straight and short I've always had a hard time finding mascaras that would hold the curl. This is the very first non-waterproof which fulfills this. It has a unique looking brush with ...welll I don't know how to describe it haha it's bumpy! The best is probably that it gives your lashes volume and makes them look kind of healthy and glossy, ergo it makes your eyes appear more awake and bright! This is probably going to be my very first drugstore mascara I'll be repurchasing!

3. Glam' Eyes Mono Eye Shadow #130 "Tribute"
It's a kind of purple-silverish-plum color haha I don't know how to describe it. But I instantly fell in love with the color. It's very pigmented and the prettiest color I've ever seen!

4. Glam' Eyes HD Quad Eyeshadow #005 "English Rose"
I thought this looked very interesting. Not only because of the Union Jack but also because of the color-combination. The colors are kind of redish-brown and I am super excited for trying these on my eyes!

5. Glam' Eyes Trio Eyeshadow #621 "Orion"
I didn't notice this one was called Orion in the drugstore. haha Orion is my favorite constellation and since it stands for hunters the colors now make sense. They are very natural earth-tones. I purchased this because of the matte colors, which I prefer using for everyday eye make-up.

Now that's it for now. I really hope you enjoyed my Rimmel Haul and found it somehow helpful. I love their products. They are not too pricey but of great quality!
xx Andrea

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  1. Oo the english rose quad looks so pretty! I never think to buy Rimmel eyeshadows but will check them out on my lunch :)Great haul! x


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  4. Hey, you picked such nice colours of the kate moss lipsticks, I love them!
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  5. Gorgeous colors! :)


  6. i'm such a fan of rimmel make up! my favorite is the 01 red lipstick from kate moss x

  7. Great picks dear! I've been so impressed with Rimmel recently; they launched so many great things! <33 Love everything you got and I have to try the foundation! :))


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  10. I love the Rimmel shadow palettes - I have a few quads. Would like to buy English Rose, though :)
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  13. Great review :) Love the eyeshadow shades, especially the Orion ones! xx

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  14. all the shades are so pretty, like the lipsticks colours too;)X

  15. I love rimmel kate moss lipsticks, they're one of my favourite brands. Lovely post!
    Holly xo